Virgin Girl – Keep Your Virginity, Gain Self Esteem

A virgin girl may not appreciate what she has. Some girls actually loose their virginity because of peer pressure. They give away their virginity just to fit in, just to belong.

virgin life

Here’s some great news.

Contrary to what your friends say, being a virgin girl is perfectly normal. You’re perfectly normal
as a virgin. You won’t fall ill because you didn’t have sex before twenty one. You won’t even get
sick if you don’t have sex before thirty five.
Another thing.

You don’t have to play along

with your friends to do evil in other to feel great about yourself. You don’t have to belong to a certain circle of friends to be important.

You can achieve what you want to achieve and be anything you want to be without having to follow the wrong crowd. Self-esteem is a thing of the mind. If you feel good about yourself no one can put you down.

This is important because many young girls have veered into sexual misconduct simply to please their friends or to be rated as mature by friends.

Some other college girls have been lured to sexual misbehavior because they fear they may get sick if they do not have sex before they are twenty.

This may all sound silly and irrational to you. But ignorance breeds fear.

To compound matters, many parents do not feel comfortable discussing sexual matters with their children. When children ask questions relating to sexuality, many parents skim over the subject or dodge it outright.

That doesn’t help your children.

Since parents often fail to carry out their responsibility to their children, these innocent children turn to their peers for answers. And the answers they get are often distorted and far from the truth.

The result?

Pregnant teens, troubled teens, and reckless teens that become depressed adults. These depressed adults eventually become a nuisance to society.

You young woman reading this, I have this simple advice for you.

Do not join your friends to experiment with sex. It is like walking on red hot coal. Your legs will get burnt.

If you are a virgin girl, maintain your virginity. Your virginity is a source of pride to your parents. And when you get married as a virgin girl, your husband will be extremely proud of you.

Remaining a virgin girl until you marry establishes your marriage on sound footing of trust. Your husband knows he can trust you because you have self-discipline and love of righteousness.


It takes self-discipline, self-control, and love of God to stay morally upright in this decadent generation. When you are able to do that and maintain your virginity straight to marriage you gain self-esteem as a woman of substance.

Besides, you save yourself the trauma your wayward schoolmates experience. You save yourself the pain of teen pregnancy and fatherless baby. And you save yourself the pain of a wasted life.

Your friends are wrong when they say virginity is archaic and dark age morality.

Remaining a virgin girl is a thing of pride. As a virgin you can hold your head high anywhere you go. You have no need of shame.

You have self-confidence, self-esteem, poise and a feeling of fulfillment.

Wouldn’t you rather remain an innocent virgin girl and enjoy such honor than be tossed about because your stomach is bulging with pregnancy for a baby who has no father?

Yeah. I know you will do the right thing.

However, there are certain mistakes that young people your age make that undermine their decision to remain a virgin girl.

Young girls tend to be avid readers of romance stories.

Romance stories tend to create sexual passion and often cause their readers especially women to fantasize about life with Mr. Perfect.

These girls feel the passion in the stories and wish for a life just like that in the stories. The romance in the romance novels results in a buildup of sexual fantasy in many girls. A regular dose of sexual fantasy eventually results in a desire for the real thing.

Then what?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Yes, romance novels make interesting reading. But many teach values that derail youths by creating desires that lead them astray.

Do you really want to remain a virgin girl?

Then stay clear of material that arouse your sexual desires. If you don’t, you will have trouble maintaining your virginity and self-esteem.

Make the right choice. It’s your life.


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